Chill-Co., Inc.


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(713) 644-8031
6334 Midvale Ave, Houston, TX 77087, USA

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Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 6334 Midvale Ave, Houston, TX 77087, USA
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Google Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (8 total ratings)

Susan Armand
5 Star
Chuck with Chill-Co has been our go-to guy for more years than I could be as many as 40+. He works on our office, my house, and my parents' house. He is reliable, EXTREMELY knowledgeable, quick, honest, fair and every other glowing adjective you can think of. He is family, whether he likes it or not! Sherrie, the office manager/phone answerer/accountant/does everything gal is right there with Chuck. She is kind, understanding, patient, and I'm sure has had her share of verbal abuse (because people can just be mean) but keeps on being sweet. She is also family! This is the best A/C-Heating company around.
Thursday 31st August 2023
5 Star
For years I've paid 3 other companies for cleaning the ducts. They said they would plug all the holes in the ducts. After they said , did the air quality was still the same. The air coming out of the vents was all the dirt, dust and God knows what else coming out of the attic. I would wipe a thick film of dust off everything and within 2 days, it was as if I never dusted! After Chill-Co left, I could actually tell the difference in the air I was breathing! It didn't feel thick - i felt as if I was outside breathing in crisp air - I love it! The 2 men that did the work were super great! They were very amiable and spent quite some time working in the attic. If you need a/c or heater work, you will not go wrong using Chill-Co.
Thursday 3rd January 2019
Teresa Shaw
5 Star
They have excellent integrity and service. We called them after being told we needed a new furnace. ChillCo came in a timely manner, and repaired our furnace with no upsale. They are the best.
Tuesday 28th December 2021
Vince Smith
5 Star
Had a power surge and the air conditioning developed a small problem. ChillCo came out and checked everything and got things back on track. We’re always pleased with them.
Wednesday 22nd July 2020
Taria Reed
5 Star
We have numerous rental properties and they handle all our ac and heating needs. I have absolutely no complaints.
Monday 24th February 2020